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Legal assistance in criminal proceedings

Legal assistance in criminal proceedings and proceedings on the recognition of property as criminally obtained.

  • Our specialists will provide you with practical advice in the process of recognizing property as criminally obtained, providing legal assistance to clients in the following matters:
  • The decision on the freezing of funds is contested (the Financial Intelligence Service issues freezing orders for a certain period);
  • Challenging/appealing the decision on recognition of funds (property) as criminally obtained;
  • Collecting/obtaining evidence about the legal origin of funds;

We provide our customers with the following:

  • Preparation and submission of submissions, applications and complaints in criminal proceedings;
  • Legal consultations in the initiated/initiated criminal proceedings;
  • Mediation in situations of legal disagreements;
  • Legal assistance solving problems;
  • Legal assistance in criminal cases;
  • Investigation and analysis of the personality of persons or persons involved in the dispute;
  • Preparation of other legal documents.

We guarantee our clients:

  • Confidentiality;
  • Operability;
  • Individual approach to the client and problem solving
  • Transparency of operations.

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Irina Žebčuka: Senior Partner

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